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California Olive Oils

Big Paw carries some of the purest forms of bottled olive goodness you'll ever find in the market today. Delivering an intense and bittersweet flavor, one can't simply resist after a single try. Our Olive Oils are carefully sourced and grown in California, so you'll know you'll be getting the most out of every bottle.

Our California Olive Oils are cold pressed and certified by the California Olive Oil Counsel, guaranteeing a delightful experience for everyone. You'll be able to find various flavor options you'll ever need inside your lovely kitchen. 

What Makes California Olive Oils Better?

For numerous reasons, California Olive Oils are considered superior among many types of olive oils. Here are some reasons that make Olive Oils much better when sourced in California.

Climate - Olive Trees, in particular, have a specific requirement in terms of the environment for them to survive optimally. California's Mediterranean climate viably fits this standard, allowing farmers to cultivate the purest forms of olives.

Minimally Processed - Olives are inherently nutrient-dense and have a particular spice. However, olives sourced across the world and too much processing tend to lessen their essential properties. California Olive Oils are much less processed, grown, and sourced with proven methods such as cold-pressing to preserve their natural kick.

Proven High-Standard - The California Olive Oil Council widely regulates olive oils produced and distributed in the state to ensure consistent quality assurance for consumers. Standard regulations are implemented to carefully select the market's healthiest and most delicious olive oils.

Benefits of California Olive Oils

Olive Oils have been increasing in popularity, especially for those interested in their myriad health benefits. It is packed with rich compounds that serve as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, making it even harder to resist. Here are some potential benefits of California Olive Oils.

Good for the heart - Consuming more than 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil per day is associated with improving cardiovascular health. This is mainly due to its high percentage of a beneficial compound called monounsaturated fatty acids linked to decreasing inflammation and preventing heart disease.

Boosts your metabolism - Another benefit you'll get from California Olive Oils is a boost in your metabolism. Higher metabolism is linked with the number of calories you'll burn at rest and during activity. This is one of many reasons why California Olive Oils are excellent for weight loss.

Anti-aging effects - Olive Oils tend to be utilized in other ways, such as personal skin care products. Its high antioxidant properties make it viable to be applied and have beneficial anti-aging effects on your skin. Regardless of your consumption, you'll be able to reap these incredible benefits from California Olive Oils.

Where to Buy California Olive Oil?

Here at Big Paw Olive Oil, we take pride in delivering the highest quality and purest form of California Olive Oils right to your doorstep. Using proven methods, we aim to consistently provide the purest form of delightful experience through our bottle of olive oils.

Find a variety of California Olive Oils available to purchase right here only at Big Paw Olive Oil today!

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