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Our Story

Big Paw stands for fun, good health, excitement, and family engagement. We're smart, with a sense of humor, a sense of honor, and an obvious appreciation for quality, fun, and life in general. We're honest and approachable, hiding nothing, and respectful of the land and its resources. We're excited about inspiring you with our products, recipes, and a new way of thinking. We're proud of this stuff. And we want you to have as much fun with it as we are. What does a big paw have to do with delicious, high quality olive oil and flavored vinegars? We get that question all the time. It all started with a great dog named Tio and what we thought would be just another terrific hike in the California highlands. When Tio took off after a jack rabbit and suddenly lost its scent completely, we were stumped. So was he. Turns out that crafty jack rabbit had run through a huge stand of wild sage-powerfully fragrant stuff. We picked some to take back to the camp site and started thinking. The rest is history.

As with fine wines, Big Paw differentiates the particular characteristics of a flavoring not just by the olive or herb alone, but where it has grown. These 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils are first, cold pressed from such pedigreed California olives that many are California Olive Oil Counsel certified (a.k.a. the good stuff). So tasty and pure we almost can't bear to mess with them. Try our California Gold blend or our Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a mouthful of fragrant, green perfection. And don't miss out on our Late Harvest Gold-it's rich and flavorful, and completely addictive. Our philosophy is based on producing small lots of the highest quality possible.