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Flavored Olive Oils

If you're someone who loves preparing unique dishes and delicious meals for your family, friends, or even for yourself, you're gonna want to give these Flavored Olive Oils a shot. Our Flavored Olive Oils are naturally made from high-quality selected herbs and spices, including garlic, rosemary, lemon, basil, and many other ingredients that are wonderfully blended with our Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Flavored Olive Oils are an absolute game changer and totally deserve a spot in everyone's kitchen. These flavor-infused olive oils are unique, versatile, and easy to use, spicing up your dishes like no other.

Are flavored olive oils healthy?

Aside from its flavorful profile, what people love about flavored olive oils is the beneficial properties that come with them. The underlying health benefits truly set infused olive oils apart from the rest. First, you get the rich antioxidant content from the extra virgin olive oil. It is also loaded with healthy fats and inflammatory substances, associated with health benefits, including various heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, diabetes, and more.

But wait, there's more! Since they are prepared with various herbs and spices depending on the flavor of your choice, it raises another profile of nutritional elements along with these natural ingredients. So yes, high-quality flavored olive oils are genuinely one of a kind regarding their nourishing benefits and full, flavorful pungency.

Is infused olive oil extra virgin?

For those who are wondering whether our infused flavored olive oils are using extra virgin olive oil, yes, it is. This is the reason why our flavored olive oils are packed with concentrated spice and a good balance of bitter, spicy, and sweetness that are uniquely distinct from each other.

How long do flavored olive oils last?

Generally speaking, flavored olive oils usually last up to 6-12 months. Assuming that you are storing them properly, preferably in a cool, dark cabinet, away from light and heat. This way, you could get the most out of your flavored olive oils and extend their shelf life to a year or even longer.

What is the difference between infused and flavored olive oil?

Most people talk about infused and flavored olive oils about the same thing. However, some might have a few differences in how the infused olive oils are created, achieved, and prepared compared to flavored olive oils. Infused Olive Oils are often described as adding flavor extracts by bottling up spices and blending them with olive oil, then letting them sit for a week or two, enriching their flavors daily. Flavored Olive Oils are basically the same, only a bit more intense in their flavors. Most of our flavored olive oils are barrel-aged balsamic vinegar which explains its undeniably rich flavors that will most certainly elevate your cooking.

Different ways to use Flavored Olive Oils

As mentioned earlier, one of the many great things about flavored olive oils is that they are the most versatile condiment you'll ever find. With all the flavorful options available to try, you won't run out of ideas to add to your dishes. Here are different ways to use our delicious Flavored Olive Oils.

Cooking Oil: You can use Flavored Olive Oils as your cooking base for your favorite meals.

Marinade Sauce: Planning to prepare a nice dinner for your family? Flavored Olive Oils would be a great marinade sauce to add a rich, tasty flavor to your dishes before making them.

Salad Sauce: Good news for salad lovers, Flavored Olive Oils are perfect to drip and be used as a sauce for your salad, so it won't be too dry. Plus, you'll enjoy it even better because of the added flavors. 

Dish Sauce:  Whether it's for fish, chicken, veggie, or beef, rich flavored olive oil won't disappoint your taste buds.

Where to Buy Flavored Olive Oils?

If you want to elevate your whole kitchen experience and immerse yourself with many flavorful options packed with health benefits, our Flavored Olive Oils is a must-try! Our products are made with rich, natural ingredients and are worth every penny as they are also very affordable. So what are you waiting for? Come check out our wide selection of Flavored Olive Oils available only here at Big Paw Olive Oil today!

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Garam Masala Flavored Olive Oil - 250 ml


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Lime Habanero Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250ml


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White Sage - 250 ml


Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml


Chili Chipotle Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml


Rosemary & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml


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Basil & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml

Basil & Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml