Best Extra Virgin & California Olive Oil Company

The Big Paw 4 Seasons Club - FREE SHIPPING

We will send you or your friend 4 bottles of our small batch made extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegars and savory dressing/dippers; Hand picked by our chef specifically for the season. You or your gift recipient will receive the first seasons offering within 3-5 days of ordering. Then we will send 3 more times throughout the year. Our ship seasons are the first week of the month of March for Spring, June for Summer, September for Fall and December for Winter. Each Seasons offering will bring special vinegars best suited for the time of the year. If you love to cook and want to enjoy a great way to expand your cooking expertise, this is a wonderful way to go. Beginning in the fall we will be including recipes. Like the fine wine clubs, you will get a chance to get a full suite of great tasting Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars. Spring shipment (March) – Summer shipment (June) – Fall shipment (September)– Winter shipment (December) –
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