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Spicy Bread Dipper - 250 ml


Most of you may wonder what makes this bread dipping oil special among other alternatives. This bread dipper is packed with our Late Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar with herbs, cayenne pepper, garlic oil, basil oil, and sea salt. Making it an irresistible dipping oil for bread and meat marinade base, and it can even be drizzled on top of a pizza crust.

Benefits of Spicy Olive Oil Dip

Aside from its mouth-watering reputation in making the ordinary an extraordinary experience, Big Paw's Spicy Olive Oil Dip also has its fair share of benefits that you can enjoy once you add them to your diet.

  • High in polyphenic compounds: these anti-oxidants found in olive bread dippers are highly beneficial in minimizing the risk of cancer-related diseases and have anti-inflammatory properties linked with numerous health benefits.
  • Highly Versatile: one of the best things about these spicy olive oil bread dips is how they can elevate your meals effortlessly with their flavorful profile. No more bland meals and dry bread, as you can literally spice them up within seconds.

Best Seasoned Olive Oil for Bread

If you're looking for the best spicy olive oil for dipping, the search is over. Big Paw's commitment to bringing the tastiest and most natural sources of olive oil treats straight to your doorstep assures you a delightful experience with these dipping oil for bread.

Our Spicy Olive Oil Bread Dip is the only thing that's missing in your pantry, and you should get some for yourself before we run out due to high demand. Go ahead and check them out, available to purchase online today here at Big Paw Olive Oil!

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