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Brine Cured Olives - 8 oz


We present Big Paw's hand-picked and cured-in salt water brine olives. These Castelvetrano olives in brine still retain the pit the old fashion way. Whether you love using them as a fancy appetizer or adding them straight to your dishes that add an irresistible pack of flavor to your food, you name it. These brine-cured castelvetrano olives are lovely to have in-store in your pantry.

What are Castelvetrano Olives?

Castelvetrano Olives is a Sicilian green olive known for having a particularly mild taste compared to standard olives. Sourced from Blice Valley in Sicily, these olives pack a sweet buttery flavor, often paired with chicken, salad, bread, fish, and more.

What are brine-cured olives?

Brine-curing olives pertain to the olives undergoing the brine-curing process of letting the olives soak in salt water for an extended period of time, preferably 3-6 months. The idea is to eliminate the bitterness of the fruit from the oleuropein upon harvest.

Should you rinse the brine off the olives?

The whole idea of brine-curing olives is to make the fruit palatable and lessen the bitterness. However, you can also eat your brine-cured olives straight out of the jar as they would be too salty. A good practice is to rinse them with water for a few rounds before serving.

Do brined olives spoil?

Like any other fruit, brined olives also spoil, but they have a relatively longer shelf life than most. Considering that you've stored them properly in a cool, dark place away from sunlight, you should be able to preserve them for about a year or 2. 

Where to Buy Brine Cured Olives?

Curing olives with brine can be lengthy, so we wanted to make things easier for you and hand these lovely brine-cured olives ready for you to indulge. So if you're looking for the best brine-cured olives, you've found the right place! 

Our hand-picked castelvetrano olives, carefully brine-cured, are one of the most adored products here at Big Paw. What are you waiting for? Check them available to purchase online today!

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