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Is Olive Oil Good for Hair? | Big Paw Olive Oil

Bryan, Aug 18, 2022

Is Olive Oil Good for Hair?

Most of you might already be aware that consuming Olive Oil as an ingredient for cooking poses many health benefits, but did you know that it can also be excellent for your hair? Yes, and apparently, many have used it for thousands of years, and proven effective for hair care due to its natural components.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into what olive oil could potentially do to you and some methods you can do to utilize its hair care benefits.

How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Care?

If you’re new to using olive oil for hair care, you can try a straightforward method right at your home. First and foremost, make sure that you’re using quality sourced olive oil to reap its full potential benefits.

Prepare a full tablespoon or two before adding it to your hair. The measure of how much olive oil you need to be using varies on how long your hair is. A good rule of thumb is an amount that will be adequate to cover all parts of your hair but not too to the point where it’s soaking.

After applying the olive oil, take time to massage deeply into your scalp. Use it just how you use a regular conditioner. Stroke your hair and make sure that you add an equal amount of oil to all your hair strands.

After massaging, let the olive oil soak into your hair and do its wonders for about 15 minutes before rinsing. After that, apply shampoo, as usual, to remove excess moisture from the olive oil treatment.

How Often Should You Apply Olive Oil to Your Hair?

There’s no reason to use olive oil daily unless you badly need that treatment. Applying once every week should be more than enough to reap the benefits of olive oil to your hair.


What Does Olive Oil Do to Your Hair?

Olive Oils are very rich in natural components such as antioxidants, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene, making them excellent for hair care. Here are some of the most sought-out benefits that you could potentially get from applying olive oil to your hair.

Natural Moisturizer

Consider it a natural moisturizer that will give all the proper nourishment that your hair needs to have a better shine.

Soothe Your Scalp

If you have an itchy scalp, it might be best to give olive oil a shot. It has a soothing effect that comes from its antibacterial properties.

Lessen DHT Production

Another primary benefit you’ll get from Olive Oil is that it lessens DHT Production, which prevents your hair follicles from being weak and reduces the chance of hair loss.

Prevents Breakage

Everyone loves a thick head of hair, which is something that olive oil allows you to have. It enhances volume and texture coming from the rich fatty acids, therefore preventing concerns of hair breakage.