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Can You Use Olive Oil in Brownies? | Big Paw Olive Oil

Bryan, Aug 18, 2022

Since many people have been asking, is it possible to combine the best of both worlds in olive Oil and brownies? This blog will dive deeper into answering this popular question to feed your curiosity and potentially learn a thing or two about olive oil and brownies.

Purpose of Oil for Brownies

Before we get on to the nitty-gritty stuff, let’s first talk about the purpose of Oil for Brownies. Generally speaking, the most commonly used type of Oil in making homemade brownies is vegetable oil. As the primary fat included in the brownies recipe, vegetable oil is responsible for its soft and gooey texture and preventing the brownies from having clumps in the batter. This means Oil is an essential part of every brownie recipe if you want to make it tasty and irresistible.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Vegetable is the most commonly used source of fat for brownies because it has a neutral flavor which is ideal if you want to make your tasty chocolate flavoring stand out in your homemade brownies. Another reason why bakers love using vegetable oil is to avoid cakey texture and instead have a nice and fudgy finish, which is what a brownie should be like.

Can You Substitute Vegetable Oil for Olive Oil in Making Brownies?

Since olive oil has a similar density to vegetable oil, you can substitute them and use them to make your lovely brownies. Some might even make a case that Olive Oil is a much better alternative since it includes many health benefits that you can enjoy while snacking on your favorite brownies.

If you’re wondering how much olive oil you should use to make your brownies, the answer is to substitute and use the same amount of vegetable oil included in the recipe and use olive Oil instead. Most people use lighter olive oils as stronger ones might potentially affect the flavor of your brownies.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil in Brownies

Olive Oil’s abundant health benefits come from its antioxidants, polyunsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fats, suitable for keeping us healthy. Preventing strokes, protecting us from heart disease, fighting Alzheimer’s disease, and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and anti-cancer properties are only a few of the many known advantages of consuming olive oil.

What if you can enjoy your tasty and fudgy brownie dessert while also being health-conscious, knowing that you are eating something healthy? This is why some people prefer using Olive Oil to substitute for using vegetables in baking their brownies. You don’t always have to be guilty about eating the foods that make you happy—exploring some healthy alternative ingredients such as Olive Oil makes your foods richer and even tastier.

Where to Buy Olive Oils for Brownies?

If you’re intrigued and want to explore the taste of olive oil in your brownies, make sure that you’ll be using a high-quality oil. With Big Paw Olive Oil, you’ll find tons of Olive Oil options, whether you’ll be using them for baking, cooking, or even drinking.