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Fall Season Special - 4 bottles - free shipping

FREE SHIPPING Late harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250 ml is made from Mission or Manzanilla olives and allowed to fully ripen to black. This olive oil is light and fruity with a buttery finish. Hot Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml - How do you improve on our super-popular Basil and Garlic Olive Oil? Add a strong dose of cayenne pepper and a kiss of sundried tomato! Apricot Lavender balsamic vinegar – 250 ml - This balsamic vinegar has the most fanatical following of any product we make! Every year, we make twice as much as the year before, and every year we sell out sooner than the year before. You will love this vinegar, and someone will probably steal it from your kitchen. The floral lavender in the deliciously sweet apricot balsamic hits all the high notes. This batch is kissed with oak for weight; else it will float away... 4.7% acidity Balsamic Bread Dipper - 250 ml - Our Basil and Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is paired with our Classic Balsamic Vinegar and our own special blend of herbs, a dose of garlic, a squeeze of lemon, and a pinch of red pepper and sea salt. This is the stuff you had at that classic Italian restaurant! A classic.

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