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3 Olive Oils - 750 ml - FREE SHIPPING


FREE SHIPPING - We have been blessed with a great supply of Olive Oil this year. We offer for you a savings of over $25.00 plus free shipping when you order one each of our unflavored olive oils. You will receive one each of our Late Harvest, California Gold and our Early Harvest additions all packed together for your enjoyment.

Here is what you get:

Late Harvest Arbozana Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Harvest The late-bearing Arbosana tree produces large crops of small olives with high concentrations of premium olive oil. The Arbosana flavor is a complex mixture of fruitiness with a good balance of pungency and bitterness. The result is very well balanced oil with a touch of green fruit. In the mouth, it is fresh and well balanced between bitter, spicy, and sweet, that is allowed to ripen later in the season and pressed in the winter. This super herbaceous oil has fruity hints of tomato leaf, green almonds and artichokes. Clean on the pallet, refreshing with a light but lingering bitterness. Be sure this is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can be used as a superb finishing touch on top of kale, broccoli of Bok Choi.

Early harvest - This years early harvest is the Koroneiki olive oil. It comes from Greece, where it’s grown to produce oil. These trees have been around for over 300 years. It’s a big olive oil producer, but the Koroneiki olive itself is very small, but delivers a big flavor kick that fans of Big Paw have learned to love. The Koroneiki olive is high in polyphenols, the chemical substances found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Koroneiki olives represent about 10 percent of the olives grown in Northern California down in Brooks California. Greek Koroneiki EVOO has a robust fruity nose with a strong, peppery finish. It’s characterized by aromas of fresh grass and artichokes.

California Gold Oilve Oil - This multi-varietal 100% Northern California Olive Oil, meeting the highest standards of quality, clarity and purity. The light pleasing grassy flavor, along with fruity flavors characteristic of this vintage, is not overpowering like our Early Harvest. It reminds us of the orchard where our farmer grows the trees used for this Olive Oil. Clean on the palette, with a very clear finish makes this a great overall to use for everyday cooking, yet full enough to be used instead of butter.

In some cases we may substitute an oil as needed. Only if it has a premium flavor profile.

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