Is Olive Oil Gluten-Free? | Big Paw Olive Oil

March 20, 2022

Olive Oil is famous due to its many health benefits. However, many people have been wondering whether this nutritional Oil contains gluten or not. This article will answer some of the confusion about Olive Oil being gluten-free, how it's made, different types, and other related topics.

Different Types of Olive Oil

First, let's discuss some of the different types of Olive Oils and how they differ. This way, we'll be able to pinpoint what type of Olive Oil is best for you and your needs.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The least processed olive Oil on this list is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Most people find extra virgin olive oil a lot more enticing due to its raw flavors, potent anti-oxidant property, and the fact that it has undergone less processing than other types of olive oil. 

Virgin Olive Oil

Keep in mind these oils are all made from olives. However, it may vary slightly on their form of extraction. In this case, Virgin Olive Oil is a step below Extra Virgin Olive Oils when it comes to pureness as they tend to undergo a little bit of processing and are extracted through mechanical methods that may alter oil's pureness.

Pure Olive Oil

Most olive oils in groceries without an 'extra virgin' label fall under Pure Olive Oil. This is a more refined type of Olive Oil that contains a blended mixture of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other processed oils. This types of olive oil still have a lot of nutritional benefits but a lot less than the unprocessed ones. Remember that the processing makes the oil last longer and more susceptible to high temperature, making them ideal for cooking.

How Olive Oil is Made

Olive Oil is made by grinding and extracting the oils from the fruit Olives. However, extracting the fruit's juices may vary depending on the scale. For example, a mass manufacturer uses a different process of removing oils from the olives to have a more efficient and well-balanced output than a homemade pressed olive oil which takes longer and may produce less. Nevertheless, understanding the different types of Olive Oils mentioned above will help you gauge which kind of oil suits you best.

Is Gluten Bad for You?

There have been mixed opinions about gluten being good, bad, or neutral for a person's diet. One thing's for sure is that some people may react a certain way or trigger a negative response towards gluten, making it reasonable for some to research whether their food options are gluten-free.

Where to Buy Gluten-Free Olive Oil?

Since the chance of gluten comes from the processing of olive oils, choosing a legitimate Extra Virgin Olive Oil would be your best bet in reaping the benefits of the wonderous gluten-free olive oils. Lucky for you, Big Paw Olive Oil has got you all covered with your Olive Oil needs. Cold Pressed from California Olives; you'll undoubtedly enjoy our wide and flavorful variety of Olive Oil selections here at Big Paw!